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My YouTube Channel

Watch my YouTube Channel to see more of my past work and what I like to follow.


Reel Talent Performing Arts

This is the best Acting Studio for Teens in Central Florida – I am pretty bias to it though. Jump over to RTPAS’s website to see what is going on over there!


My IMDB Page

By far the best spot on the internet for following some of my favorite actors.  Hop over there to see any new exciting news that is happening in the Acting World.

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Inspirational Quotes

Knock Knock ….!
Interrupting Cow, Acme Joke Company
Looking for Inspirations … stop writing code at 2am.
Patrick, Real House Husbands
Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.
Sanford Meisner, Acting Coach Legend
Acting is all about honesty, if you can fake that then you’ve got it made.
George Burns
Under Construction … more to come.
The Web Guy, RTPAS